A project for the dark seasons

Titelblad met allegorische voorstelling voor De arte bene moriendi van Roberto Bellarmino. Boven de titel het Jezuïetensymbool links en rechts van de titel een jonge man met een roos in de , NL-HlmNHA 1477 53009905

Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. In keeping with that, we’re working on a series of videos on ‘Ars moriendi’ or ‘the art of dying’, which is the title of 15th century Black Death-era texts on a Christian approach to dealing with the inevitability of mortality. We had started this project earlier, aiming for the seasons surrounding Halloween/All Saints’ Day or the longest night of the year, but we found we needed more time to learn recording and editing techniques, and now the project has become especially relevant again with the onset of Lent. 

We’ll let you know when the videos are posted on YouTube, and we’ll make blog posts about the pieces as we go along.


Matham, Theodor (1605/1606-1676)
Public domain